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 Corporate and Conference keynotes and workshops to teach people how to take control of their finances and build wealth.

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I am on a Mission to teach people to take charge of their Financial Future with confidence and ease. 

I also partner with financial advisors to help them build better connections and understand the needs of their female clients. 

I bust money myths and share inspirational stories on how false beliefs are holding women back from growing their money.

3) Women and Investing 

Women deserve to be empowered and truly believe that they are in control of their financial future.   Busting myths and learning the steps to make your money and investing goals achievable will get you on your path to reach your financial dreams. 

I help Advisors understand the needs of women investors, 
 how to make better connections with women clients and become the  Advisor team's female  partner to provide educational seminars.

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2) Partnering with Financial Advisors

2) Partnering with 
     Financial Advisors

1) Corporate Employee Financial Training

1) Corporate Employee 
    Financial Training

Workshops  in Person or Virtual (can be recorded for company future use)

Educate employees on 401K and other retirement choices.
How to set money goals and build a plan

How to understand different investment groups to combine them in a way for their goals and ability to handle risk

Download more talk details

download more talk details

download more talk details

Build Money Mastery

1)  This workshop walks Women and Couples through aligning their money with  their values, how to set money goals and start investing for the long term to  achieve they life they desire. 

2)  You will better understand  investing and   learn how to hire the right person to  help you achieve your goals. This workshop can give you the training to put an action plan into place.

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Discover your Values and Mindset around money.

Learn my 4 Step MAPP system to understand long term investing the easy way.

How to set achievable money goals and build your Financial Plan.

Understand how to align Investing with your goals to reach the Financial future you desire.

Attendees will learn

Hannah, BizLIbrary, Director of Content   

"I'm very excited to add your expertise to our Expert Insights series! This course was so helpful for me personally to learn !"

"Your event was so educational and informative in such an approachable way ! "

"No one has explained finance and investing to me the way Debra did"

Megan L. Dream Bank, Event Curator

Jacqui C.

What  Clients & Student's are Saying

"Extremely Informative" 

Gabrielle R  

Upcoming Events

March 6th, 2024
Women's REACH Conference
Wake Forest Biotech Place

The Intersection of Physical, Mental and Financial Wellbeing.


Guest Appearances

Women Life and Science Podcast Interview

Cecilia and Debra discuss how the Women need to have a more active role in their financial future. 

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Debra has worked in the financial industry for over 27 years, based out of New York City for firms such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Citi Private Bank.   She has an MBA in Finance and has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.  She is bringing that knowledge directly to people by providing unbiased financial education to help people reach their financial goals and empower students with confidence in their financial future. 

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