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With over 27 years of experience, Debra Ohstrom, CFA shares her wealth of knowledge to give women the tools they need to understand the depths of finance and investing through her online courses. She provides resources to women to take them from confused and intimidated to empowered and in control.


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My Money Plan 

13 videos and step by step directions to build your own financial plan with confidence and clarity for your financial future.  Easy to follow along and understand how your emotions, values and goals impact decisions and download the guides and worksheets to get your financial life on the right track.  



The Keys to Investing Course

This course will walk you through how to think about long term investing without picking stocks or needing to be a math expert.  Learn how to invest for your goals and time line as well as  the biggest mistakes to avoid.

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- Donna in New Jersey

"I feel more confident now that I understand how financial planning and investing fit together. Debra is fun to listen to and I will definitely sign up for her next course!"

"The Keys to Investing Course makes investing so easy to understand. I feel confident now in my investments and secure about my future goals.
This course is great for anyone who wants to get started with investing."

-Diane from Long Island, NY

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